List of Posts in This Blog

An Anecdote about the Educators at IU
My IU Experience as a Case Study in Workplace Bullying

Department of Education Complaint

Introduction to the Complaint
Experiences of Discrimination in IU’s School of Social Work
Dean Patchner’s Report on Missouri State
The Department of Education Handles a Student’s Complaint
Still Waiting (Five Years) for Dept. of Education to Decide My Appeal

Indianapolis Campus

The End of My Social Work PhD at IU
Petitions to the IU SSW PhD Committee
Remarkable Faculty Behavior
Justice in the IU School of Social Work
A Qualifying Paper on Social Work Education
PhD Coursework in Social Work at IUSSW
PhD Student-Faculty Relations at IUSSW
Relationships Among Students in IUSSW
The IUSSW PhD Student Listserv:  An Opportunity Lost
Labor Studies at IUSSW:  Did Dean Patchner Steal My Idea?

Bloomington Campus

A Letter to a Department Chair
Bryan’s Investigation
End of an Academic Career
Being Flunked at IU: Background Factors
Grading of a Qualifying Paper, Indiana Style
The Strange Case of the Disappearing Advisor
Male Student, Female Professor
An Encounter with University Justice
Rot at the Top

Bloomington and the University Generally

Deliberately Hit While Biking by a Bloomington Bus Driver

Note:  This is the official list of the posts in this blog, in the intended sequence.  The links automatically provided by at the bottom of each post lead to whatever post happened to be entered next.  That is not necessarily the same as the intended sequence shown here.  In other words, those automatic links may be confusing.  Links in the text itself (e.g., references to the “next post”) are correct.


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